Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dollar Fine Art enables you to place artwork in your location at under a $1 a day / per piece. We will work with you to create the perfect package for your space and budget. Payments are monthly until you own your art.

How long is the subscription?

Your subscription lasts until you own your art. Clients pay for their artwork in 12 months or less. A discount is offered if you want to pay in full.

What are my options at the end of the term?

You own your art. You can choose to add more art to your program at any time. We’ll help you select pieces that fit with the rest.

How much will my package cost?

Use our subscription calculator to determine your monthly payments. We will provide you with a written proposal with complete details.

What about sales tax?

Any applicable sales tax is built into your monthly payment.

What about shipping and installation?

Applicable shipping and installation fees vary and are billed separately.

Can my program include original artwork?

Yes, when designing your program simply chose original artwork and your consultant will provide you with a range of options. As prices for original artwork vary, the monthly payment will be calculated evenly over 12 months.